Vladimiro Vida

Brief Bio

January 2004-December 2005: "Senior Fellow" at the Cardiovascular Surgery Unit of Guatemala - "Aldo Castañeda Foundation", Guatemala 
December 2004: Postgraduate Diploma in Cardiac Surgery, University of Padua (70/70 cum laude) 
January 2006-March 2007: "Senior Fellow" in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery and "Chief Resident" at the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery of the "Children's Hospital Boston - Harvard Medical School 
December 2007 – August 2017: Staff Congenital Cardiac Surgeon - Pediatric Heart Surgery and Congenital Cardiac Surgery, University of Padua, Italy 
2007-2009: PhD in Cardiovascular Sciences (PhD), University of Padua 
2011: Master in Pediatric Cardiology (2nd level)University of Padua. 
2012: Master in Cardiovascular Pathology (2nd level), University of Padua. 
2014: Master in Vascular Medicine (2nd level), University of Padua 
September 2017- September 2019: Associate Professor of Cardiac Surgery, University of Padua 
October 2019: Full Professor of Cardiac Surgery, University of Padua 
October 2019: Chief of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Unit, University of Padua  
2021: Master in Healthcare Management and Complex Structure Management
February 2022-present: Director of the Residency program in Cardiac Surgery, University of Padua

1) development of new techniques of correction of tetralogy of Fallot: the preservation of the pulmonary valve during early correction

2) development of new minimally invasive techniques for surgical correction of congenital heart disease

3) development of new combined / hybrid approaches for the correction of congenital heart disease

4) "multicentric research" networks 

5) rare syndromes


Editor-in-Chief of Congenital Heart Disease – Tech Science Press Editor



Published paper on National / International Journals (with ISSN and indexed on SCOPUS and /or WOS: 212

Monographies: 7

Chapters in Books: 26

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