Henk Schipper

Henk Schipper is a Research Fellow in Cardiovascular Immunology at the University Medical Center in Utrecht (The Netherlands), an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Oxford (United Kingdom), and a Clinical Fellow in Pediatric Cardiology at the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital in Utrecht (The Netherlands).
While childhood survival of congenital heart diseases and other chronic disorders steadily increased over the last decades, prolonged survival comes at a price. Many survivors are faced with early atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) later in life. Early ASCVD is therefore an emerging priority for general pediatricians, as well as pediatric cardiologists. Driven by a passion for translational research, Dr. Schipper’s research focuses on the etiology of early ASCVD - with a particular interest in the interaction between lipid metabolism, inflammation, and atherogenesis -, and cardiovascular risk assessment and management in children at risk. At the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital in Utrecht (The Netherlands), he leads a longitudinal cardiovascular cohort study of children with congenital heart disease and other chronic disorders (SMART youth).

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