Gurleen Sharland

Professor Gurleen Sharland is Professor of Fetal Cardiology at Evelina London Children’s Hospital. She was appointed as Consultant in Fetal Cardiology at Guy’s Hospital in 1993 and subsequently led and developed a leading service for Fetal Cardiology, which is now based at the Evelina Children’s Hospital in London. She is regarded as a leading expert in the field of Fetal Cardiology both nationally and internationally. Professor Sharland has been an invited member of faculty on many courses, workshops, symposia at international conferences, as well as being invited as an expert to international centres. She has a great interest in Education and Training and has been instrumental in the development of guidelines and setting standards for practice. She has published widely in peer-reviewed journals, written book chapters and textbooks of Fetal Cardiology.


Professor Sharland was the President of the Association for European Paediatric and Congenital Cardiology (AEPC) from 2016-2019. Prior to this she was actively involved with AEPC. She was a founder member of the Fetal Cardiology Working Group of AEPC, which she chaired from 1999-2003. From 2010-2016 she was an active member of the Education committee of AEPC. In 2013 she was the Local Chairman of the Organising Committee for the AEPC Annual Meeting held in London. In 2014, she set up and was the first Chairperson of the National Fetal Cardiology Group, the first national professional group for Fetal Cardiologists in UK. She was a key member of the Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme (FASP) Cardiac Protocol Committee from 2010-2014 and helped in developing a fetal cardiac protocol for the national screening pathway. In her role as a Council Member for the Royal College Specialist Advisory Committee for Paediatric Cardiology from 2009-2013 she contributed to the development of the curriculum for paediatric cardiology. As a Vice-Chair of the Clinical Reference Group (CRG) for congenital heart disease from 2013-2016, she was able to contribute towards service development and setting service specifications for congenital heart disease.

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