Chris Mccusker

Dr Chris McCusker
School of Applied Psychology, University College Cork

Chris McCusker is director of the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at University College Cork. He is also a practising clinical psychologist and paediatric neuropsychologist. His research has focused on (a) understanding the determinants of outcomes for children with chronic illness and their families and (b) designing and evaluating psychological interventions which improve outcomes for children by strengthening the resilience of the family. He has led longitudinal studies examining outcomes (and determinants thereof) for children with congenital heart disease and their families, from infancy to adulthood. At the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children, he and colleagues designed and evaluated the Congenital Heart disease Intervention Programme (CHIP), which was the first comprehensive family focused intervention to improve outcomes for children with CHD. He has published many papers in this area and is author and joint editor of the seminal book Congenital Heart Disease and Neurodevelopment: Understanding and Improving Outcomes, McCusker and Casey (2016).

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