Industry Symposia

Thursday / 27 April 2023

13:20 - 14:20

Medtronic Industry Symposium (Hall 1)

Title: More than 20 years of PPVI and how we should prepare for the future of RVOT patients  

Moderator: Damien Kenny


What do we know today about durability of the Melody TPV?, Roland Gitter

What have we learned – PPVI best practice in 2023, Peter Erwert

Choosing the right time to treat RVOT patients and how to manage them in the future, Gianfranco Butera



GE HealthCare Industry Symposium (Hall 2)

Title: First worldwide mini 3D TEE: Return on experience on this novel probe

Moderators: Massimiliano Cantinotti & Jan Marek

Speakers: Ferran Roses-Noguer & Aitor Guitarte Vidaurre 




Inozyme Pharma Industry Symposium (Hall 3)

Title: Cardiovascular Calcification of the Newborn – Causes and Consequences of a Rare Mineralization Disorder

Speaker: Zulf Mughal



13:30 - 14:00

Proveca Nursing Industry Symposium (Hall 7)

Title: Helping the medicine go down – why developing better paediatric formulations is so important

Moderator: Tara Bharucha

Speaker: Simon Bryson


Friday / 28 April 2023

13:20 - 14:20

Ventripoint Industry Symposium (Hall 1)

Title: Multi-Modality Assessment of the RV in Pediatric Heart Disease

Moderator: Alvira Macanovic

Speaker: Alvira Macanovic & Kai Laser




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